Tauras is the brand of windscreen and accessories manufactured by Secat Technology srl.
It was back in 2017 when Nicola Tagliaventi founded his Company, after several years of experience for many costumers.
Nicola is the real life of Secat, he has more than ten years experience as designer at the well know Mr Tamburini’s side, at CRC ( Cagiva search Centre).
Since 1989 Nicola Tagliaventi has been involved in very unique projects, from Cagiva MITO, DUCATI 916 to the Legendary ones MV F4 and BRUTALE.
A deep passion for motorcycles, an excellent knowledge of mechanics and a very unique ability as designer, have been leaded nicola Tagliaventi to found his own company, SECAT, in partnership with his son Francesco and his doughter Eleonora.
Francesco is the younger and he has been growing upprofessionally with his father; Eleonora had worked as mechanic designer for several Companies, such as for the fammous Company BIMOTA SA for 12 years, before starting her new experience with SECAT.
All Tauras products are completely manufactured by SECAT; windscreens are being checked one by one in order to ensure a high quality standard and make sure the client feels like he has a very unique product.